Business Simulations for Leadership Development – The Case

Business Simulations for Leadership Development – The Case Study

When people think of a Business Simulation for Leadership Development program, they often think of just the software itself. In reality, this is only a part of a leadership development simulation or business training simulation. A very important part of the solution is the case study. The case study often is thought of as secondary when it should be thought of equally important.

Importance of the Case Study for a Leadership Development Simulation or Business Training Simulation

The case study is where the corporate strategy, structure, uniqueness and details are revealed. This is important stuff! Because people often get over excited about the software part of the simulation, the case study is usually sent to the back burner. It is very important to keep the case study in focus or the foundation of your corporate development program will be diluted. Here are some key things to think about:

– Does your case study take into consideration your corporate development needs?
– Does your case study take into consideration the corporate strategy?
– Does your case study have enough information for participants?
– Does your case study have too much information (yes, this can happen)?
– Does your case study share a story and foundation?

These are some important parts of a case study when using a training simulation for corporate development. In many cases, its not a bad idea to hire a copywriter. Adding a sense of reality without duplicating your company verbatim is the balance you’re trying to find.

So, in summary, don’t put the case study in the background. You’ll find its equally as important and needs ample attention.

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