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About Simulation Studios

Partnering closely with clients, we craft business simulation training programs
that accelerate the corporate learning journey. The result is an immersive
and highly engaging employee development experience tailored to your needs.

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Corporate Training Simulation Solutions

Business Simulation Solutions
for Leadership Development, Strategic Thinking,
Business Acumen, Collaboration, Innovation, and More

Business Simulation Solutions for Leadership and Talent Development

Business Simulation Solutions for Leadership and Talent Development

Immerse training participants in an engaging, hands-on business simulation that addresses leadership, strategic thinking, business acumen, innovation, and more. The experience is crafted to generate organizational change.

Business Simulation Solutions for Strategic Acceleration

Business Simulation Solutions for Strategic Acceleration

Accelerate corporate change, management change, or strategic change initiatives by building the mindsets and skillsets that result in effective strategic alignment. Drive strategy to action.

The Process Overview

Business Simulations can be overwhelming. With 15+ years of experience, it’s our job to ensure your success.



You share your needs, timelines, and expectations, as well as your goals and objectives.



Together we work closely with you to develop  a solution based on the findings from discovery.



You facilitate, we facilitate, we co-facilitate to ensure a successful program.



Gather feedback and quantifiable metrics of success. Adjust the program as needed.

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Why Simulation Studios

We guide, not sell. No quotas, no pressure.

Bill Hall

Simulation Studios is run by Bill Hall

Bill Hall founded Simulation Studios in 2003. He comes from over 10 years at Apple where he worked directly with Steve Jobs on various projects and was a five-time Apple MVP and Golden Apple Award winner. He has served as an executive at AOL, Nortel and Skype. Bill has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Business Insider CLO and elsewhere. He is the author of the No. 1 Amazon T&D bestseller Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games.

Getting Started Resources Written by Bill​

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Article written by Bill Hall

Business Simulations Can Be A Powerful Tool For Leadership Development – But Proceed with Caution

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Book written by Bill Hall

Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games: A Straightforward Guide for Corporate Training and Development

*Please note, I often put this Kindle book up for free.

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Contact Bill directly. He's happy to talk about where to start.

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What is a business simulation?

Business simulations are learning-reinforcement tools. They are often used by corporations for manager training and leadership development. In most cases, these tools combine behavioral and financial attributes similar to a real company.

Business simulations are powerful tools that give training participants a hands-on learning experience. Trainees work through complex topics such as leadership effectiveness, business acumen, strategic thinking, teamwork, and innovative thinking. In the past, business simulations were available only to the top global companies. However, due to advancements in development tools, business training simulations are now available to companies of almost any size and at any stage of growth.

Simulation Studios - Business Simulations

How do business simulations work?

Simulation Studios - How do business simulations work

Business simulations for corporate training and development create an immersive experience. Participants are presented with a simulated company and must decide where and how to allocate resources to achieve a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). Business simulations range from ready-to-go packages to highly advanced custom solutions that require many months of development. Due to the nature of these advanced learning tools, most business training simulations are facilitated by a leader. This simulation facilitation helps connect the training content to the action within the training program, and then back to the participants’ jobs. Training that takes advantage of business simulations has some of the highest learner-engagement scores of any training support tools available