Most Popular Helpful Business Simulation Articles of 2017

Most Popular Helpful Business Simulation Articles

Happy 2018! The second half of 2017 was completely unmanageably busy. We don’t usually like to keep a pace like this but once in a while it happens. Thus, the posts have been very sporadic here and non-existent at BillHall.Me. My apologies about that. But, I had a request the other day to post the top 5 most popular articles I recently wrote. So, here they are in an easy to access location.

The Most Popular Articles Written in 2017

Using Simulations to Development Millennial Leaders: CLO Magazine 2016
The Futility of the 80 Hour Work Week: Entrepreneur Magazine 2017
High-Tech Startups Need to Ditch the ‘Engineers Rule’​ Mentality: Entrepreneur Magazine 2017
Can You Speak My Language: Huffington Post 2016
4 Steps to Build Strategically Critical Leadership-Development Programs: Entrepreneur 2017

These are just a handful. You can find more here: I’ve slowed my writing a bit which is a bummer. Will pick it back up once I find a consistent home to write for. Will post the results here. Hope these help for now!

Cheers to 2018 and have a great year!


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