Top 3 Business Simulations Trends We See Today

Are you asking, “What are the latest trends in the strange world of business simulations?” Of course you are :^). Well, since you probably aren’t really asking that, we’ll ask for you:

Top 3 Trends in Business Simulation Trends

3. More Focus – We’re seeing a trend towards people using a business simulation for a specific outcome or use. For example: Diversity training. This is an example of an application where a business simulation is deployed for 1/2 day. Gone are the monster multi-day business simulation training program. If you’re considering getting a huge multi-day simulation, you either must have endless budget to spend or a consultant has taken over the steering wheel of your training program or leadership program.

2. Special Focus on Immediate Knowledge Application
– We’ve been seeing this for some time, but its happening more. There is an increased need to be able to have participants immediately use the skills they learned from practice within the business simulation.

1. More Accessible Business Simulations
– We’re seeing greater and greater accessibility to business simulations. This is great news and primarily due to lower cost of development and platformization of the technology.

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