Business Simulations and Leadership Development That Engage and Excite

Create a program waitlist by using business simulations and real-world executive facilitation that results in an amazing participant experience.

Business Simulation and Corporate Training Solutions That Engage, Excite, and Apply.

Bring your leadership development and training programs to life using business training simulations. We use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and real-world executive led facilitation to meet your developmental goals and get executive attention.

Ready to Go Business Training Simulation

Ready-to-Go Business Simulations

Turnkey simulation and facilitation solutions for leadership development, business acumen, strategic thinking, and more used by some of the top Fortune 500®.

Tailored Business Training Simulation

Tailored Business Simulations

Tailored business simulations and facilitation solutions for leadership development, strategic thinking and more without the cost of full customization.

Custom Business Simulation Icon

Custom Business Simulations

Custom business simulations that are built from the ground up to align with your highly advanced business transformational and corporate training needs.

Simulation Studios Customer Quotes

"He was willing to understand our business and customize. A lot of what we did in that role was really customized. It was really critical for us that everything aligned with our strategy. He was willing to tweak and customize and actually align things to our strategic language without gouging us in terms of the price."

"Bill and SimStudios absolutely knocked it out of the park. The level of customization, responsiveness, quality that went into the development and launch of our simulation was far beyond expectations."

"When it comes to the ease of working with Bill, I’d rate him an 11 out of 10 Bill is willing to get on phone and talk. We talk every couple weeks. He’s more like a thought partner than a vendor. I think he might look at us more as a thought partner than a customer."

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Ready-to-Go Business Training Simulation

Quickly and easily bring your leadership development or corporate training program to levels traditionally reserved for the Fortune 500®. This is a full service executive led facilitation solution.

Ready-to-Go Business Simulation

Quickly and easily bring highly engaging leadership development to a whole new level of strategic relevance with a ready-to-go business simulation solution.

Popular Leadership Development Topics



Hands-on training for leadership behavior, business acumen, strategic thinking, collaboration, corporate resilience, know-the-business, and more.



The Complete Leader but focused on managers that are growing to become future leaders or are current high performers. This delivers everything at the appropriate level.



Hands-on training that focuses on the business of strategy, strategic thinking, business acumen, strategic alignment, strategy execution, and business silo reduction.



Hands-on training that focuses on how to work through an organization that is in great change or needs to build organizational resilience. Or for companies going through change management.



Hands-on training with special focus on your organization, how it works, the mechanics of how it succeeds, and the skills managers and leaders need to succeed.



Hands-on training where you choose to mix and match any of the other topics or choose an employee development topic of your choice that reinforces your training goals.

Tailored Business Simulation

80% of what a custom does, but with substantial cost savings. A Tailored Business Simulation provides you with with what most ask for from a custom business simulation.

Ready-to-Go Business Simulation

You’re tailoring it to work with your needs. Tailored solutions are great for leadership development, business acumen, strategic thinking, corporate change initiatives, analytical thinking, innovation and a lot more. Tailor a business simulation quickly and easily to your development topic and needs.

Tailored: Utilize Your Leadership Models or Values

Combine your leadership models or corporate values with applicable and real exercises enabeling leaders to apply the learning immediately. This is your leadership development content applied to the business:

SimStudios provides a complete system of business simulations and workshops to enable your managers to link leadership with business acumen with business performance.

Leadership Models or Values

Custom Business Simulation

Commonly used to align employees behind complex development and business transformation initiatives. Custom business simulations enable you to mimic your business, strategy, and employee behavior with business outcomes. Supercharge transformation within your organization.

Utilize Custom Business Simulations To:

Custom business simulations enable you to apply complicated transformation requirements directly to the business or corporate strategy.

Custom: Utilize Your Leadership Models or Values

Combine your leadership models with applicable and real exercises enabeling leaders to apply the learning immediately. This is your leadership development content applied to the business:

SimStudios provides a complete system of business simulations and workshops to enable your managers to link leadership competencies with business performance.

Leadership Development Simulation

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About Simulation Studios

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Why Use Simulation Studios:

How to get started using business simulations within corporate training.

If you want to successfully use business simulations within corporate training or leadership development, the trick is to start small. If the simulation is too large, learners will lose track of the learning objectives. 

Business training simulations can be tricky, so don’t feel pressure to automatically go digital. In fact, some of the most successful business simulations for leadership development are paper based. Paper-based simulations are effective at reinforcing learning and come at a lower cost. Finally, if you choose to hire a provider to assist, ensure you select a provider you are comfortable partnering with.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Use a Business Simulation Within Leadership Development

  1. Think Simple: Business simulations should not be complicated. Small, focused, closely aligned solutions lead to the highest training-content retention.

  2. Talk to Others: Talk to those who have successfully used business simulations within leadership development. Feel free to contact us. We can put you in touch with companies that have successfully implemented training simulations. They’ll be delighted to assist you.

  3. Grab Some Paper: When most people think of Leadership Development Simulations, they automatically imagine they have to be computer based. However, paper-based business simulations can be highly effective and are easier to manage. 

  4. Stay Focused: Ensure the leadership-development business simulation doesn’t stray from your training goals and objectives. Scope creep is the enemy. Write out your learning objectives ahead of time and ensure the business simulation stays aligned with those.

  5. Partner Up: If you find yourself wanting to build something but expertise isn’t available within your organization, find a partner! You might look for a counterpart within another organization that has done this before and can assist. Alternatively, hire a firm that can assist. Ensure you partner with a firm you have full trust in and that has a great track record of partnering with customers.

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