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Business Simulations Can Be A Powerful Tool For Leadership Development – But Proceed with Caution


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Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games: A Straightforward Guide for Corporate Training and Development


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What is a business simulation?

Business simulations are hands on learning tools for reinforcement. These tools are used by companies for training managers and within leadership development. In many instances, these tools combine behavioral and financial skills very similar to a reality. Often, business simulations might be called company simulator, business simulator, corporate simulator, and more. In most cases, they are called business simulation.

Business training simulations are engaging tools that provide corporate training participants an engaging, hands-on training experience. Participants work through challenging topics such as leadership effectiveness, business acumen, strategic thinking, effective teamwork, reliance, innovation, and more.  Historically, leadership development simulations were only used in top global organizations. But due to advancements in development tools, corporate training simulations are used within companies of most any size.

Ideas about how to using business training simulations within training and development

How do business simulations work?

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Business simulations for leadership development creates a highly engaging experience. Participants are presented with a simulation of your company and decides where and how to manage challenging leadership and business situations. Business simulators span from ready-to-go solutions to highly advanced custom business simulations that require many months of development. Due to the complexity of custom business simulations, most custom business simulations are facilitated by a leader. This  facilitation helps connect the training content to real world outcomes, and back to the participants’ roles. Employee development that takes advantage of business simulations for leadership development has some of the highest learner-engagement scores of any training support solutions available. Simulation Studios both creates and facilitates corporate training simulations for use within leadership development, business acumen training, and a lot more. 

Top 5 Insider Tips to Successfully Utilizing a Business Simulation Within Leadership Development

  1. Think Simple: Business simulations for leadership development should be simple and focused. Small, focused, highly aligned business simulations lead to the highest training-content retention and application.

  2. Talk to Peers: Talk to others that have successfully used business training simulations within leadership development. Feel free to contact us. We can connect you with other companies that have successfully used business simulations within leadership development. They’ll be happy to assist you.

  3. Got Paper?: When many people think of  a Leadership Development Business Simulations,  they believe it must be computer based. In reality, paper-based business simulations for leadership development are highly effective and more simple to manage. 

  4. Stay Focused On The Goals: Make certain your leadership-development business simulation doesn’t stray from the training goals and objectives. Scope creep should be avoided! Clearly draft the learning objectives beforehand and ensure the business simulation stays in focus with your leadership development goals and objectives.

  5. Find a Partner: If you want to build something but don’t have the expertise within your organization, partner up! Seek out a partner within another company that has worked with business simulations before. Alternatively, hire a partner that can help. Ensure you find a firm you have full trust in and who has a fantastic track record of partnering.

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