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Business Simulations

Branching Stories for Leadership Development

Branching stories for use within leadership development can be incredibly powerful. Oddly, these tools are often discounted as either too amateur or too much work. Branching stories are often classified as a business simulations when used within leadership development. As

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Virtual Business Simulation for Leadership Development
Business Simulations

All Simulation Studios Sims Now Fully Virtual!

For years, Simulation Studios business training simulations have been fully virtual ready. But I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of running business simulations within leadership development virtually. As a result, I’ve stayed out of touch with virtual

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Corporate Training

Benefits of Experiential Learning

Staying competitive in today’s marketplace is more challenging than ever. Technology is changing and advancing so fast, it means people’s skills need to change to keep up. There is also a changing of the guard occurring with baby boomers moving

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Strategic Thinking for Business
Business Acumen Training

The Importance of Strategic Thinking

We all have a strategy. Whether it’s a way to win a simple game or to arrive at a certain location, we have strategies all the time. It really comes down to ‘ifs’. If I take highway 7, there will

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