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8 Business Simulation eBooks and 3 Tips to Leadership Simulation Implementation

Business Simulations (Leadership Simulations) for use within Leadership Development or Corporate Training in general can be tricky. We spend an unfortunate amount of time cleaning up client’s poorly executed leadership development simulation programs. As a result, we’ve been trying to create eBooks that are easy to read and help prevent problems in the future.

In most cases, companies that are new (or even experienced) at implementing leadership development simulations make a few common mistakes. These mistakes can be avoided just by know of their existence:

Common Leadership Development Simulation Mistakes

  1. Leadership Development Simulation is Too Large – This is by far the most common mistake. Business Simulations for Leadership Development are very complicated. As a result, these tools are often written by outside firms. We’ll be the first to admit that these tools are amazingly enjoyable to create and implement. But Leadership Development Simulations need to stay focused. The business simulation shouldn’t stray outside of your three primary learning objectives.
  2. Custom Business Simulations Are Very Rarely Needed – Custom Business Simulations are often the result of a major upsell. Also, we’d be willing to bet that it’s not even fully custom. Chances are high that a custom business simulation has been built upon an existing core. If this is the case, it’s not fully custom. We’d call that tailored. Tailored business training simulations save you 50% of more in development costs and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between custom or tailored. Be sure you really need tailored.
  3. Loss of Control – Similar to mistake #1, leadership development simulations are complicated. As such, it is very easy to lose control when working with an outside provider. It is important you feel in complete control. Part of this (and we’re sad to say) is ensuring your consulting company isn’t using your leadership development program to “troll” for more business inside of your organization. You should always feel in control and ensure whoever you hire answers to you and you only.

Leadership Simulations are sensational tools for applied leadership development programs. As written above, they do have challenges and you should always feel informed. In addition to the three tips above, we have been working to grow our eBook library. There are a lot more to come, but here are a few titles so far:

  1. Business Simulations Are A Powerful Tool But Proceed with Caution
  2. Making Boring Training Engaging
  3. Business Simulations: Getting Started
  4. Creating Energetic and Exciting Action Learning Your CEO Will Love
  5. Business Simulation: Succession Tool?
  6. Business Simulations Overview
  7. Understanding Simulations and Business Games
  8. What is Strategic Acceleration?

Here is the entire library of business simulation eBooks: Learn about business simulations (for when we update).

We’re planning on trying to release two new eBooks per month for the rest of 2020. We’ll see, but we’ll try. Stay tuned and check back.



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