We’re Offering Free Small Business Guidance During The Global Pandemic

We’re Offering Free Small Business Guidance During This Global Pandemic

All of us here at Simulation Studios have been looking for a way to help others without exposing ourselves to COVID-19. As you know, the current and future challenges for US based Small Businesses is huge. The challenges that lay ahead for the average small business owners is parallel only to the Great Depression.

Most don’t know that all the people who work here are past/current business managers and/or executives. We’ve all had substantial P&L responsibilities. Additionally, Bill Hall used to work on large scale corporate turnarounds. So we’re all very familiar with running organizations under very challenging times.

To try and help others, we’re offering our time for free. If you or anyone you know is looking to get some guidance on how to handle their small business challenges during these times, let us know.

For small business help, fill out our contact form here. But you have to put the words, “Small Business Assistance-19” in the subject. We will do our best to reply. In the description box, briefly describe your business and the help that is needed. WE ARE NOT AND WILL NOT SELL ANYTHING! This is strictly free assistance to see if we can help you define and execute a short term strategy.

Take care from all of us here! Stay healthy.


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