Computer Based Business Simulation or Paper?

Computer Based Business Simulation or Paper?

When most people think about a business simulation, they automatically have visions of computer screens, tablets, phones, mice, and keyboards. They also begin to think about data management, modeling, game theory, equipment setup, financial modeling, reporting, and more. This creates that hot feeling of being completely overwhelmed.
As Bill Hall wrote in his book about getting started with business simulations and serious games, have you ever thought about starting small and starting with a paper based simulation? If not, this is definitely something you should think about. Paper based business simulations can be incredibly compelling and very easy to manage. You don’t have to create a board game, game pieces or anything fancy. Just print out some materials and you’re on your way.
Paper based simulations are a very effective way to get started using business simulations, strategy simulations, or business gamification. Here are 3 tips to get you started:
1. Clearly define what the participants need to teach. The more tangible and clearly defined the better
2. Work from the goals of the learning backwards. Create all simulation exercises from the goals.
3. Create units of measurement. What this means is there needs to be a means to measure. In very simple terms: Scoring :^)
If you do a search for paper based business simulations, you’ll find quite a few examples out there. This might be a great place to start.
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