Simulations to Teach Innovation?!? In Leadership Development?!?

Have you ever thought of using business simulations within innovation training? If you haven’t you should! Today’s generation thinks innovation is common. Some innovate well while some could use a little training on the formal (yet relaxed) process of innovation. Business Simulations offer a great opportunity for participants to brainstorm, try, learn, and apply. This is hard to do without the aid of the advanced learning tool(s). More and more, leadership development is requiring an innovative component to the curriculum. The challenge has been how to give the participants the opportunity to not only learn the process of creative thinking, but to also apply and practice it. This is where business simulations come in.

Business Simulations: Teaching Innovative Thinking Within Leadership Development. Why?

1. Innovative thinking is becoming a required topic within leadership development. 2. Business Simulations engage employees around applying innovative thinking curriculum. 3. Today’s employees demand a method to try, learn, and apply training content. Slides are dead. 4. Innovative process is only good for creative thinking. Business Simulations help participants put the creativity to use. 5. Your training could become the next cog in the wheel of innovation and creative thinking within your company. If teaching people how to be more innovative is important, you should think about utilizing a Business Simulations within corporate training and development. The train left the station some time ago within fortune 500 companies globally. Implementing these valuable solutions is not complicated nor are they expensive. It’s worth investigating.

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