“I’m Going to Challenge The Heck Out Of Trainees in 2016!”

Why not make it a resolution to put training participants in the their place in 2016? We all know that corporate training participants come into training thinking they’re wasting their time because they know everything as it is. Heck, they could be CEO, right? This is something we’ve all heard time and again. So, let’s put them in the their place!

How to challenge trainees like never before in 2016

Have you thought about utilizing a business simulation in 2016? Are you a little timid due to lack of experience, fear you’re over your head, or you think sims are just too darned expensive? You needn’t worry. Business Simulations are a lot less expensive than you think. Also, in many cases, the provider will be the ones facilitating along side of you (Yes! You’ll still be very involved). Here are some tips to getting started challenging the heck out of training participants: 1. Start off with a solution that you are involved in, but don’t have to facilitate solo. 2. Start off with a solution that isn’t too expensive straight away. Off The Shelf Solutions that combine business acumen and leadership development are a great place to start. 3. Start off with a solution that is slightly more broad. This will help keep costs down and keep participants engaged and challenged. 4. Find a provider you’re very comfortable with. This will help you learn more and grow quicker. 5. Read about business simulations before you get started. A great resource is here: Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games in Corporate Training and Development. Have a happy and fun New Year!

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