Book About Business Simulations For Corp. T&D

Do you know about business simulations? Have you taken a look at them lately? Or are you one of those that says, “Ya, I looked at these a few years ago and they’re not for me.” If you fall into that category, you should take another look. Here’s why:

What You Should Know About Modern Business Simulations

– The cost of simulations for leadership development or business acumen has come down substantially – The time to develop these tools is far less than it was before – Today’s workforce requires and demands applicable, challenging, and engaging training – Business Simulations are not as broad as they used to be – Getting started utilizing business simulations is a lot easier than it used to be Like all technology, business simulations have come a long way in the past few years. The tools to develop these solutions are more robust, more mature, and easier to utilize. As a result, creating leadership development simulations is far easier and quicker than it used to be. Many people took a look a few years ago and discounted them due to a) their cost, b) their applicability, or c) both. It might be time to take another look. In William Hall’s book titled, “Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games”, he outlines easy ways to get started that might take little or no money. Mr. Hall outlines the idea of starting small, simple, and even outlines using paper based solutions as an effective tool to engage today’s learners. It’s worth taking a look (at $3.99), it’s a no brainer. (side note: we’re told its free to download from Amazon on Sept 13 and 20, 2015. Sometimes, you just got to do some research and now might be the time. The book is available on Amazon here.

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